Etobicoke Dental Emergency Clinic

Need an Etobicoke dental emergency clinic? Eatonville Dental is ready to help. Since Eatonville Dental is a general family dental practice and your Etobicoke dental emergency clinic, we have the ability to address dental emergencies in need of different treatments. Whether your dental emergency requires a surgical approach, root canal treatment, extraction, or simply a filling, we have the ability to provide the specific treatment you need to provide relief. The option of conscious sedation, including laughing gas, is available for your comfort.

We see emergencies on a priority basis. Give us a call at 416-233-0333 and we will be your dental emergency clinic, happy to help you.

If we are unable to answer your call, please send us an e-mail to: and we will advise you on your best options.

If it is after hours, your best bet is to go to a hospital where they have dental residents on-call. Try Mount Sinai Hospital, Sunnybrooke Hospital and The Hospital for Sick Kids for children. That way you will cut your wait substantially at the Emergency unit. Residents will see patients at night if there is severe pain, bleeding, trauma, infection, and/or swelling.

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Our Recognition – Happy Patients!

Once, a curious patient asked me, “What is the highest recognition a dentist can get?” My answer was, “a happy patient”. We would like to thank all of our happy patients who nominated us and voted for Eatonville Dental to be honored the “Best Dentist” gold title in Etobicoke. We truly appreciate it!

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