Fluoride is a mineral found in soil, water and various foods. It is used to prevent and/or reverse early tooth decay, and is sometimes referred to as vitamins for the teeth. It’s most significant function is inhibiting bacterial replication, the specific kind that causes cavities. Before a cavity forms, it starts out as a soft, sometimes chalky white structure which shows that part of the tooth’s minerals have been lost. Fluoride helps restore those lost minerals to prevent the soft, chalky area from turning into a cavity. High concentrated fluoride is also used as a desensitizing agent on areas of enamel erosion and gum recession where the tooth’s nerve is exposed causing sensitivity. When a patient is prone to cavities, we suggest a fluoride containing rinse be included in their hygiene routine to decrease the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in their mouth.

At Eatonville dental, we decide if it is needed on an individual basis for adults and for children it is routine to help protect their permanent teeth as they are forming. The fluoride method used at Eatonville Dental is a varnish which is just “painted” onto the teeth using a fine bristled brush. The best part is that you can eat or drink right away and the flavor is of your choice! If you have any concerns or questions on the use of fluoride on you or your children please feel free to voice them so we can help you better understand why it’s use is beneficial to your personal oral health.


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