Teeth Whitening Etobicoke

As summer is quickly approaching, you may be thinking of brightening your smile. This is where we can come in! We can help make your smile pearly white and ready for the summer! At Eatonville Dental, your teeth whitening Etobicoke dentist, we offer 2 types of teeth whitening systems, which are both effective and great options to whiten your smile just in time for summer!

Take Home Teeth Whitening Etobicoke

With this option you will see results in 1-2 weeks. The process is simple. You come in for an impression appointment. We make you whitening trays that are a perfect and comfortable fit for only your mouth, within 1-2 days after the impression appointment. You pick up the trays and the bleach gel kit, take them home. For the next 1-2 weeks or until the results you desire are achieved, day or night you will wear the trays for 90 min. If you feel sensitivity after the first couple of nights you can also whiten every other day, sensitivity will vary person to person. To help prevent sensitivity you can use Sensodyne tooth paste a few days before you begin whitening and continue to use it throughout the process, and even a few weeks after.

ZOOM In-Office Teeth Whitening Etobicoke

This option is done within the office and shows results in about one hour, meaning that you can walk out of your dental appointment with a smile that is several shades lighter! In this option you do also receive the take home trays and 1 syringe of bleach so you can do at home touch ups if you would like in the near future. In office whitening uses a higher bleach concentration that is activated by the Zoom light. We isolate your teeth and cover your gums using a very thorough isolation process. We place the gel on your teeth and turn the light on for up to four 15 min intervals. The amount of intervals depends on how quickly your teeth whiten and how much sensitivity you may be having. This option does have a higher chance of sensitivity. To help ease this again we recommend using Sensodyne tooth paste a few days before you begin whitening and continue to use a few weeks after. We also provide you with a relief gel that is provided by ZOOM that you can use in your trays and wear at home for 30-45 min post treatment, to help with sensitivity.

So if a brighter, whiter smile is what will make your summer that much more memorable, call us today to schedule your Teeth Whitening appointment, or just to inquire with any further questions you may have regarding the take home or in office options.

And to help you out a little more we are offering 20% off both teeth whitening systems from July 1 – August 31, 2016.

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