Child’s First Dental Visit

Your child’s first dental visit should occur approximately 6 months after their first baby tooth appears or by the age of 1 year old. Upon arrival, you will asked to fill out a Medical & Dental history form for your child. At Eatonville Dental, we make your child’s first dental visit and every appointment very memorable and exciting for them by having them choose a movie or television show that they love to watch. Typically, the first appointment is a ride in the chair and “count” of the patient’s teeth. When we “count teeth,” we are really completing a dental exam. Depending on the level of cooperation from our patient, we may clean their teeth on your child’s first dental visit as well, this is all dependent on what the child will allow for the day. We utilize a commonly used technique known as “Tell, Show, Do” that helps children to understand what is going to happen and makes them feel more comfortable.

The exam may include dental x-rays depending on spacing of the teeth, age, and initial visual findings. As well a visual exam of the soft tissues of the oral cavity, checking the patient’s bite to assess for orthodontic development and checking the teeth for proper eruption pattern, cavities and infection. The child’s first appointment ends with a demonstration of tooth brushing and flossing, a goody bag to take home with their choice of character on their toothbrush and a look at the treasure box for a prize! We recommend that children see their dentist every six months so that they get used to visiting the dentist regularly and any cavities can be discovered and treated early. We look forward to making your child’s first dental visit a fun and pleasurable one at Eatonville Dental!

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