CariVu Transillumination for Cavity Detection

At Eatonville Dental we are always trying to keep up with the latest technologies to offer our patients the highest quality of care possible. The latest addition we are pleased to offer our patients is our new CariVu Camera.


The CariVu camera is an easy to use diagnostic device to detect caries (cavities), lesions and cracks with high accuracy.


The CariVu camera hugs each tooth one by one and shines a safe near infrared light into it using transillumination technology. This makes the enamel transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light. This allows us to “see through the tooth” exposing its structure and any lesions with high accuracy and no radiation.

If a suspicious area is identified on a radiograph, (especially possible interproximal decay, which can be more difficult to detect), the CariVu camera can help confidently determine whether it needs monitoring over time or requires immediate treatment.  Since the CariVu camera can show lesions in the early stages, using it during regular check-ups can help your dentist identify questionable areas before they turn out to become large cavities.


Unfortunately not. CariesVu can detect cavities around some types of filling, but it will not detect cavities under crowns, large metal fillings. Another limitation of CariVu is that it cannot detect infected teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, bone abnormalities, gum disease, and all the other anatomy that x-ray provide for us.

At Eatonville Dental we implement a conservative approach to taking x-rays, known as As low As Reasonably Achievable (AIARA). All of our x-rays are digital which means they held less radiation than film x-rays. We are always open to listening to your concerns so please feel free to voice them to anyone at any time so we can provide you the treatment that’s right for you.

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